The House of the Stone that Spoke

Kievan Rus princesses
Anastasia, Anna and Elisiv of Kyiv
travelled Europe 1000 years ago.

Kyiv performers Elizabeth Isadora,
Catherine Rajhans and Ganna Smirnova
explore their personal journeys from
Kyiv to Hastings in 2022 as a mirror
to this her-story.

The central motif of stones catalyses
the exploration of stones under foot,
stones collected in the hand and the
building of Hastings Castle out of
stone in 1067. Stones as a symbol
of resilience.

This promenade experiential theatre
comprises spoken thoughts,
photography, film and live harp music
accompanying scenery on strings with
shadows dancing across the walls of
the three performance spaces.
Viewers swap between the spaces
with time in between the three
10 - 15 min segments to add their
thoughts and pictures to the walls
of the corridor space.

To book this production, please email.