You're looking at the foyer space of our summer 2016 The House of the Siberian Seasons. The hidden book that inspired this show was rewritten in a Siberian hut in the wilderness in the late '70s after the original version was snatched from the writer in prison. This space was a re-creation of that hut from where the manuscript was smuggled out of the USSR to an underground printing house in Frankfurt.

Images by Peter Mould

The House of the Siberian Seasons is inspired by Leonid Borodin's The Year of Miracle and Grief. It's a vivid walk-through book experience conceived by Gail Borrow and Vladimir Miller with original composition, live music and puppetry. Performers lead the audience from the prologue room to the Spring/Summer room, an evocation of wild rosemary and pine covered mountain slopes. From there they progress to a magical crag, home to mythological characters before stepping into an Autumn of withering leaves and school rooms and finally icy winter on Lake Baikal. The audience are invited to sit on stools with the villagers in the story and later toboggans while puppets crafted from ribbons of text are manipulated around them.

And what’s the story about? It’s a story of a journey and an entrapment. But not in the Gulag prisons that Borodin experienced. In this novel, an earnest twelve year old boy arrives at his new home in Siberia and is delighted by the landscape. However he gets caught up in a myth. The characters in the legend live in one world; the villagers in the rural community in the world we know. The boy manages to cross from one world to another but when one character in the legend begins to do the same, the boy’s peace of mind is shattered and his freedoms compromised.

The original production of this show is now over.
If you have a venue and are interested in booking this show, please email explorers@explorethearch.com

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