Displaced by the October 1917 Revolution, Russian Alia Aivazovsky stored his family reminiscences in drawers in European capitals as he wandered in search of a new home. Settling in London at the beginning of the Second World War, fragments of his notes have been preserved by his descendants in the UK and offer a fresh insight into the life of his grandfather, marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky. Inspired by the unique perspective of this material, this production explored the life of a famed C19 artist from a new angle.

UNESCO Anniversary - Aivazovsky 200

A man walked past a small house on the Crimean shores and saw a boy drawing on the wall.

"How disobedient," said the father.

"How talented," said the town architect. "This boy should go to the Zimpheropolsky School."

And so he did.

"This boy should go to the Imperial Academy of Art."

And so he did.

And the Tzar mused, "What a pity that there is no one who can paint seas."

And someone answered, "Indeed there is, your highness."

News report by BBC Russian, World Service


Images by Peter Mould

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