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You Must Follow
Another Plan

Forthcoming Project for 2024

"You Must Follow Another Plan" is a quote from an English medieval adventure story in which young adults gain agency in their lives through undertaking an intrepid journey across Europe.

In 1066 Gytha of Wessex’s father was killed at the Battle of Hastings. The daughter of the deceased King of England travelled to Denmark and on to Kyiv through her marriage to Prince Vladimir of the powerful Kievan Rus kingdom.

Five Indian dance groups from Hastings, Karmalukovka, Kyiv, Odesa and Simferopol will collaborate with ExploreTheArch in an imagining of this intrepid female figure’s journey explored vividly in Indian classical dance with spoken voice in a film installation. Literature of the period detailing inspirational journeys will inspire where the history is incomplete in this creation. In accessing the rich potential of the intersections of medieval literature and history, the team recognise that they can highlight aspects of Gytha’s life that reflect themselves and so create entry points for young people of diverse heritage.

EUNIC London supports You Must Follow Another Plan, a project offering a relevant medieval story of agency to young adults who currently don’t have relatable entry points. The Cyprus High Commission, Goethe Institut London, Lithuanian Embassy and Polish Cultural Institute additionally confirm support and University of British Columbia Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies, Vancouver, in collaboration with the International Courtly Literature Society 2023 conference, support with an honoraria bursary.